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Today more than ever, businesses are focused on protecting their facilities, networks and data from breaches and threats. At Suburban, we deliver cloud-managed physical security solutions designed to mitigate risk and safeguard your organization’s most important assets. With video surveillance, access control and video monitoring solutions, we leverage the cloud to bring our clients and partners the most reliable and intelligent security available
True Cloud Integrations
Traditional on-premise solutions provide minimal redundancy, untimely hardware malfunctions, overloaded storage, and a single point of failure. Suburban’s solution requires no on-site server or gateway of any kind. Instead, we offer true cloud security solutions that leverage the cloud, maximizing the availability of each system, and eliminating single points of failure.
Easy to Deploy, Manage and Scale
In an ecosystem of devices, applications, and data, the cloud is transforming the way we deliver security systems that protect businesses. Suburban’s cloud solutions have opened the door to easily accessible security management from anywhere at any time, and the cloud offers unlimited scalability and the ability to speed up the installation process of your business.
Security Anywhere
The cloud transforms the way we deliver security, enabling Suburban to be industry and location agnostic. Perfect for unlimited scalability to:
• Indoor/Outdoor
• Single/Multi-Site
i.e. Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking, Retail & Commercial Real Estate, Government Facilities, Cities/Parks, Critical Infrastructure and more.
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