We provide a wide range of connectivity solutions and services to meet mission-critical business objectives at the most efficient cost.
Our Services Include..

Suburban Business Internet

For a business to be successful, it must open itself up to the prospect of unlimited possibilities. That's what we offer you with Suburban Business Internet- unlimited ways to achieve growth. Suburban Business Internet is specifically designed for your business and delivers nothing but the best fiber optic cabling to meet all your internet needs.


Subscription is Bandwidth based and all our plans provide unlimited data quota.

Suburban Business Wifi

Get WiFi that keeps you connected in today's fast-paced world and keeps you up-to-date with analytics and insights to help enhance your business.


5000 Naira Monthly per User and all our plans are unlimited.

Which means:
No one is capping your utilization
No fair Usage Policy
Real Unlimited data

Suburban Business Voice

We understand the importance of communication for a business, and our Business VoIP services enable our business customers to achieve more with Business Voice utilizing our Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks, you experience low latency on all local locals and high quality for both local and international calls.


Dark Fiber

We provide our Enterprise Customers with the Discreet Infrastructure needed to transfer private data and provide end-to-end private connection. We are recognized to have the largest Metropolitan Fiber Infrastructure across various States in Nigeria
You pay the rental cost on the Infrastructure.

Suburban SD-WAN

Cloud Managed Software-Defined - Wide Area Network Connection for Businesses and Organization with multiple branches, connection, and networking.
We enable Businesses utilizing our SD-WAN Solution to centrally manage their networking, policies, and security over a single dashboard and changes implemented in Nano-seconds across the various location of the Organization

Suburban Last Mile VPN

We provide Last mile connection services to our Telecommunications partners, as a leading Internet Service Provider to both homes and offices, we are highly experienced with last-mile deployment and the contingencies surrounding the delivery of Fiber to a location where initial plans/Infrastructure were never made for Fiber connectivity.