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Business Voice
We understand the importance of communication for a business, and our Business VoIP services enable our business customers to achieve more with Business Voice utilizing our Hosted PBX and SIP Trunks. You get the lowest latency rate on all local calls and high call quality for both local and international calls.
Let us be your Voice
We provide High-definition voice services designed to allow businesses communicate efficiently. We support multiple technologies like Session Initiating Protocol (SIP) and also traditional protocols like Primary Rate Interface (PRI). This makes us very versatile from an Enterprise Voice perspective and ensures that our customers can keep their legacy infrastructure should they choose to, without compromising on functionality, development and cost. We boast of very competitive call rates to local and international destinations at the highest quality
Our PBX service ensures that no desk is left out of reach by ensuring seamless
communication within the business location and between remote locations. We also
have soft client applications; which businesses can use reduce the cost of deploying
physical handsets.
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