Virtual Services

This service includes a Suburban virtual data center, Suburban virtual storage, Desktop as a Service and Suburban storage, giving users oppurtunity to pick any of these services for personal or business use.
Our Services Include..

Suburban Virtual Data Center

Powered by our enterprise leading Hyper-Converge infrastructure (HCI), we provide our enterprise customers a full data center experience without any overhead cost and computing resources provisioned in minutes

Suburban Virtual Private Server

Provide scalable computing resources for your projects,
supporting both Windows and Linux workloads, full root access,
and dedicated IP Addresses.

Suburban Storage

Need offsite locations to store your mission-critical data? Our Storage solution delivers highly secured (supporting Multiple Encryption Standards), redundant data storage, and ease of use (drag and drop upload). We support both Enterprise and Private workloads

Desktop as a Service

Economics savings on your equipment, Always up to date OS Systems, Managed Security, Access from anywhere in the world, Suburban DaaS provide a mobile desktop experience for your business and organization. In a fast-moving, mobile-first world, we enable your employees to work from anywhere, constantly increasing productivity with a significant reduction in computing equipment and real estate cost.
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